Retro Throwback

Killer Instinct

retro, retro gamingAbove all else, Killer Instinct was known for its emphasis on chaining combos together with players striving to hit that 20 hit ultra combo. While other fighters also had players trying to pull off combos to get an advantage, Killer Instinct was the first game to rely so heavily on combos and it spawned a bunch of games that has since tried to recapture that same emphasis like the Street Fighter Alpha series, Marvel Vs Capcom and Tatsunoko Vs Capcom to name a few. Of course, being released in 1994 on a 16 bit console, Killer Instinct is starting to look rather dated by today’s standards, but it goes without saying that for it’s time Killer Instinct had impressive visuals on a very graphic scale. Read on

Published by Sammy J on 11 October 2014

Marble Madness

retro games, retro gaming, retroMarble Madness started it’s life as an arcade game and became a commercial success. No surprise then that it was later ported to various consoles handled by various 3rd party companies. What you are about to find out whilst reading the following article is why Marble Madness on the NES still hangs in my memory after I first played it more than 20 years ago. It might not have been the most challenging game in the world, nor the longest and it may not look too amazing visually after all these years. But for some reason, Marble Madness will always remain in my memory as one of my beloved retro classics. Read on

Published by Sammy J on 25 August 2014

Snake Rattle n Roll

retro, retro games, retro gamingFor my first Retro Throwback article, I will be taking you all on a trip down memory lane and telling you all about one of my favourite games on the NES. Most people know Rare for it’s successful blockbuster hits on the SNES and N64 days such as the Donkey Kong Country series, Killer Instinct, Star Fox, Banjo Kazooie, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark among many others. Go back a bit further to the NES days and some will remember a genius yet quirky little platformer in the shape of Snake Rattle n Roll. Read on

Published by Sammy J on 11 August 2014


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