First Looks

These short gameplay videos are first looks at demo builds of Indie games that are sometimes streamed live on Twitch at the time of recording.

The Last Crystal

The Last Crystal pic1Journey through a treacherous temple and try to uncover what has never been uncovered before: The Last Crystal! Control two characters simultaneously or best with two players cooperatively as you both fight your way through tough enemies and complex puzzles. Watch video

Project Aether: First Contact

project aether pic1Project Aether: First Contact has you flying around space in a mech suit while utilizing your arsenal of ranged and melee weaponry. This game handles well, looks and sounds great and has all you need to be a fantastic bullet hell/shmup. Find out how terrible I really am by checking this out! Watch video

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond

Celestian Tales pic1The hand drawn art style combined with a very pleasant sound track are two of the best things about Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond but is it enough to overlook the issues I was faced with when trying this demo out for the first time? Watch video


Ellen pic1Ellen puts you in the shoes of a detective named James where you are investigating the strange deaths of the Smith family, apart from the daughter who has been spotted at the house recently. If you are into horror games and point and click adventures, look no further than Ellen! Watch video 


Heartbound picIf you are into games with a heavy emphasis on story and character development Heartbound is the game for you. This non-traditional RPG has a unique skill based combat system involving mini games and a story that will want you coming back for more! Watch video


Dreamscaper thumbnailDreamscaper is an action RPG Roguelite where you will need to face your demons in your dreams while utilising your melee, ranged and other attack and evade abilities. Dive into the subconscious of a young woman to battle the nightmarish depression that lives within her. Watch video

Raccoo Venture

Racoo thumbnailRaccoo Venture is a 3D Platformer which heavily draws inspiration from the golden era of 3D Platformers: the N64/PS1 era. Enjoy part 1 of my first look gameplay adventure with this adorable Indie game which I would recommend checking out yourselves. Watch video

Unbound: Worlds Apart

Unbound mainThis is my first look at Unbound: Worlds Apart on Steam. A beautiful looking and sounding puzzle platformer set for a full release in May 2020 on PC and Nintendo Switch. Use your ability to create alternate world portals in order to solve puzzles! Watch video


anne title This is a first look at the early access build of A.N.N.E which is a 2D sidescrolling/shmup game that has a fantastic blend of 8 bit and 16 bit visuals. The long awaited early access build of the game plays fluently and could not come soon enough for backers of this successful kickstarter campaign that was funded 6 long years ago! Watch video


Mindseize titleMindSeize is a 2D action Metroidvania set in a futuristic universe that will have you dispatching enemies with a combination of your ranged and melee attacks. Traverse the world unlocking new abilities as you go and face off against two bosses in this action packed demo with over an hours worth of gameplay! Watch video

Eagle Island

eagle island thumbnailMy first play through of Eagle Island is somewhat of a noob showing but hopefully it will give you some idea of what you will be up against. It’s a rogue-like platformer offering a fairly simple but challenging offering which you are sure to have as much fun as I did with. Master the art of using your bird as your main weapon and gain abilities along the way! Watch Video

Tower Princess: I’ve Come For You

tower princessThis is my first look and play through of Tower Princess: I’ve Come For You which is a 3D Action Platformer with a comedic medieval tone. Combine your attacks with your evasive skills and rescue the damsel in destress! Watch Video

Metaverse Keeper

Metaverse titleMetaverse Keeper is a dungeon crawler with rogue like elements that is best enjoyed with a friend cooperatively. Watch me fail miserably as I try my efforts with a first look at the demo. Watch video

Unsung Warriors

unsung warriors pic1Unsung Warriors is a Viking style action platformer where you take control of a Viking while you explore the secrets of an ancient crypt. Put your skills and reflexes to the test with or without a friend in single player or couch co op in this glorious handcrafted 2d world! Watch video


glitched pic1Glitched is the most unique gaming experience I have had in a long time! Fans of Earthbound on the SNES will appreciate the quirkiness of this unforgettable game. Take part in wall-breaking shenanigans as you attempt to help uncover the truth about what’s going on in Glitched. Watch video

One Step From Eden

eden pic1One Step From Eden is a MegaMan Battle Network inspired roguelike that is as deep as it is frantic! You will be building decks in order to hone skills to take down enemies on a tactical grid format while mastering the art of dodging an onslaught of enemy attacks. Watch video

Monster Sanctuary

monster sanc titleMonster Sanctuary is a monster raising metroidvania style game which will the full game will no doubt have you hooked for dozens of hours! You can easily spend a couple of hours on the demo alone catching monsters and utilizing their abilities in your party set up. Watch video


Omno pic1Omno is a third person action adventure game that boasts stunning visuals and a really charming world to explore. Gather new abilities in order to upgrade your staff and traverse new areas and uncover secrets in this vast and rich game. Watch video

Flynn, Son of Crimson

flynn thumbnailCheck out this demo of an upcoming and very promising looking 2D action platformer! Solve puzzles and take down enemies as you master the use of you melee and ranged weapons. Watch video


Badminton Warrior

badminto warrior thumbnailTake control of Ral and his enchanted Badminton racket as you set off on an adventure to rescue your friend Mindy in this quirky and fun platformer! You will need to master the art of deflecting projectiles back at your enemies with an array of types of shots! Watch video

Hazelnut Bastille

hazelnut bastille titleHazelnut Bastille is a 16 bit single player adventure which draws inspiration from the classic Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Indulge in this beautifully crafted world full of fascinating creatures and characters and prepare for a real challenge! Watch video


Apartment 327

apartment 327 thumbnailApartment 327 takes you on an atmospheric first person adventure in an old house as you travel between different time periods in an attempt to uncover the truth about what happened in the house. Be warned, it will creep you out! Watch video