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The Last Crystal – Co-op Dungeon Crawling Mayhem!

The Last Crystal pic1The majority of my gaming hours are spent playing single player games, for me the online gaming wave has come and gone but that doesn’t mean I won’t try out another online multiplayer experience from time to time. I just get far more enjoyment out of a fully fledged single player story based adventure like The Legend of Zelda than I do from MMORPG’s. Then there is the old fashioned way to play games with other people which may actually involve you having to physically communicate with them in a shared space and time. I am of course referring to local multiplayer, a version of multiplayer which for me beats any online multiplayer experience hands down. You don’t get to see the reactions from the people you are playing with if you are playing with them online and the friendly banter doesn’t feel the same over a headset. Local multiplayer and couch co-op games took a somewhat back seat when online multiplayer was on the rise but it is refreshing to see that it didn’t and will never die. It gave smaller indie developers the chance to swoop in and cash in on a crowd of couch co-op lovers with their projects such as The Last Crystal, a 1-2 player puzzle based dungeon crawler that is a lot of fun! Read more

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