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The Last Crystal – Co-op Dungeon Crawling Mayhem!

The Last Crystal pic1The majority of my gaming hours are spent playing single player games, for me the online gaming wave has come and gone but that doesn’t mean I won’t try out another online multiplayer experience from time to time. I just get far more enjoyment out of a fully fledged single player story based adventure like The Legend of Zelda than I do from MMORPG’s. Then there is the old fashioned way to play games with other people which may actually involve you having to physically communicate with them in a shared space and time. I am of course referring to local multiplayer, a version of multiplayer which for me beats any online multiplayer experience hands down. You don’t get to see the reactions from the people you are playing with if you are playing with them online and the friendly banter doesn’t feel the same over a headset. Local multiplayer and couch co-op games took a somewhat back seat when online multiplayer was on the rise but it is refreshing to see that it didn’t and will never die. It gave smaller indie developers the chance to swoop in and cash in on a crowd of couch co-op lovers with their projects such as The Last Crystal, a 1-2 player puzzle based dungeon crawler that is a lot of fun! Read more

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Project Aether: First Contact – Mech Shooting, Bullet Hell Fun!

Project Aether pic2What I love the most about the Indie crowd is the fact that we get to see games being developed in all kinds of genres, including those that would not get given a second glance from bigger developers and publishers. Indie developers with their burning desire of creating the game of their dreams in order to hopefully catch onto a niche audience will pour their heart and soul into a project. I am almost convinced that without Indie developers, there would be several genres of video games that would no longer be developed. Without smaller game studios, would we really see games come out like Project Aether: First Contact? It might not mean a great deal to gamers who’s interest in games solely sits within the realms of the next Call of Duty or Fifa, but the truth is that this game will sit nicely within a niche of gamers who will welcome it with open arms. Read more

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Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond – Good Looks Alone Are Not Enough…

Celestian Tales pic1Growing up as a child gamer into a teenage gamer, my favorite genre (which remains the case today) was a big story driven RPG adventure. The Legend of Zelda will always be at the top of my list but I have always had a soft sport for a more tactical approach in RPG’s focusing on turn based battle systems. I had a lot of fun with the older Final Fantasy games and others such as Chrono Trigger and one of my all time favorites: Skies of Arcadia! Also it’s pleasing to see games like Fire Emblem still getting new releases on modern consoles and doing well. Much to my excitement was it that I had discovered a new game to try that carried the same traits of the turn based battle system and seemed to be very pleasing on the eye. It had been a long time since I played a turn based RPG so I was itching to try out the demo of Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond, the start of a brand new adventure awaited! How I was feeling as I booted the game up for the first time was not how I was feeling as I completed the demo however, which was ultimately disappointed. Read more

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Looking for a game for Halloween? You should consider Ellen

Ellen pic3We have officially entered October, the month of Halloween which is arguably many peoples favorite month of the year. Time to make those plans for the big day at the end of the month, get stocked up on that candy for the trick or treaters and dig out those scary outfits for the kids. The gaming community also likes to get in the mood for spooks this time of year as well and what better time to tell you all about a horror game that you might overlook when it comes to choosing a game to satisfy your thirst for scares. There are plenty of games that fit this category out there, but one you might overlook is a game called Ellen. If you are looking for a game that sets a dark and atmospheric mood that isn’t going to take you 40 hours to beat but has enough content to leave you satisfied then Ellen could well be the game for you. Although it was released on Steam in February this year so not particularly all that new, it was released on consoles last month and with it now being Halloween month there really is no better time to give Ellen a shot. Read more

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Ellen pic1Ellen puts you in the shoes of a detective named James where you are investigating the strange deaths of the Smith family, apart from the daughter who has been spotted at the house recently. If you are into horror games and point and click adventures, look no further than Ellen! Watch video 

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Heartbound is a roller-coaster ride of emotions with an intriguing narrative

Heartbound pic3If there was ever a good time to get nostalgic and play some 16 bit gold on the SNES it’s right now after the recent release of the SNES software on the Nintendo Switch. Having said that, I have never needed an excuse to boot up the old machine before because in my opinion, the SNES is still my favorite console of all time due to the plethora of high quality content that was released for it. Why is this relevant? Because the game we are going to have a look at reminds me of certain cult classics that were released on the SNES that I pray get a release on the Switch’s SNES emulator. Nostalgia aside, It is fair to say that Heartbound grabbed me where it hurts and left a pain within me that will not go away until I get closure from its rich narrative and heavily focused character development tropes within the full game. Read more